Teamsideline Manatee (2024)

1. Manatee County Recreation

  • Today's Home Services vs ...

  • Manatee County Recreation

2. Adult Softball Leagues - Manatee County

  • Softball leagues are offered year round; Fall, Winter, and Summer team leagues, individual draft league during the Summer. Pending registration, we offer ...

  • Softball leagues are offered year round; Fall, Winter, and Summer team leagues, individual draft league during the Summer. Pending registration, we offer multiple classifications of play to match your teams skill level, multiple nights of the week (see below).   Each league will consist of eight games, plus playoffs.  All games are governed by the rules of the ASA/USA Softball, except in instances where the Athletics Division rules supersede those rules.

3. Manatee County Recreation -

4. Adult Basketball League - Manatee County

  • You are also welcome, and encouraged, to visit www.TeamSideLine.Com/Manatee. Here you will find league rules, schedules, and learn about upcoming programs ...

  • The Adult Basketball League, hosted at GT Bray Park, provides the perfect blend of quality recreation and fitness, superior wood court and certified officiating. Each season consists of 8 regular season games plus playoffs, Monday Nights over the Winter and Summer season. 

5. [PDF] Ages 18 and up @ G.T. Bray -

  • ... at G.T. Bray. Recreation Center. Cost. • Team jerseys required. • $350 per team (not provided). • 10 players max per team


  • ... played Friday Nights. 8 games plus playoffs. Ages 18 & up. Leagues available at G.T. Bray Park & Lakewood Ranch Park BRAY.

7. Online Sports League Management Software for ...

8. [PDF] PNRD Events Activities Spring 2022 - CivicLive

  • Mar 6, 2022 · • for more details. General Information: • Wednesday Nights. • Games played at Palma Sola Park. • 5 on 5. • Ages 18 ...

9. Free summer program helps teens make music - ABC Action News

  • May 25, 2018 · Manatee County Sports: Copyright 2018 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be ...

  • Tampa’s Stay and Play program is a free way for teens to record an album of their own.

10. [PDF] Black Pearl Audition Packet

  • Apr 18, 2024 · Any questions can be directed to BRHS Black Pearl Director, Marilyn Kelly email ... ▫ Team Sideline Shoes approx. $80.

11. Recreation in Bradenton by Vacations2Discover - Issuu

  • ... Manatee County Church Softball (Men & Women) Blackstone and G.T. Bray Parks Mike David (941) 348-7308 Youth Organizations ...

  • From swimming to softball and lots more! There are tons of recreation activities in the Bradenton Area. Learn more in this guide!

12. Mustangs win district title in overtime - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

  • Jan 31, 2019 · Manatee High's Ally Rouifed, left, battles for control of the ball ... team sideline. “She's our rock,” Riggins said of her captain and ...

  • Lakewood Ranch's Hajar Benjoud scores in second overtime

Teamsideline Manatee (2024)


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