Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough (2024)

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Beginning Your Journey

You start in Pallet Town. After receiving your starter and DNA Splicer, head north towards Viridian City.

Viridian City to Pewter City

After some introductory battles in Viridian City, head towards Viridian Forest. This is a good place to catch some new Pokemon and potentially experiment with your first fusions. Continue north towards Pewter City, where you will face your first Gym Battle against Brock, who specializes in Rock-type Pokemon. Remember to catch and fuse Pokemon with an advantage over Rock types for an easier victory.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough (3)

Pewter City to Cerulean City

After defeating Brock, head east towards Mt. Moon. The cave is full of Rock and Ground-type Pokemon. At the end of Mt. Moon, you’ll have to face Team Rocket for the first time. Defeating them will yield you a fossil Pokemon, which can be revived in Cinnabar Island.

Continue east to reach Cerulean City. There, you will battle Misty, the Water-type Gym Leader.

Cerulean City to Vermillion City

Next, you will journey south through a lengthy path featuring multiple battles, finally reaching Vermillion City. Before challenging the Gym Leader, you will need to navigate the S.S. Anne and defeat your rival. After this, you’ll face Lt. Surge, the Electric-type Gym Leader.

Vermillion City to Celadon City

From here, you’ll have to make your way west to Celadon City, home of the Grass-type Gym Leader, Erika. Before challenging the gym, however, we recommend exploring the city and checking out the Department Store to upgrade your gear and stock up on items.

Celadon City to Fuchsia City

Traveling south from Celadon City, you will pass through Cycling Road and several other locations, battling various trainers and wild Pokemon. Once you arrive in Fuchsia City, you can challenge Koga, the Poison-type Gym Leader.

The Rest of Your Journey

From here, your journey becomes more open-ended. You still have four more Gym Leaders to defeat and the Pokemon League to conquer. As you progress, remember to stay stocked up on healing items and continue experimenting with your fusions to adapt to the ever-changing challenges.

Fuchsia City to Saffron City

Now it’s time to head back north to Saffron City, which you passed through on your way to Fuchsia City. The city is currently under the control of Team Rocket, and you’ll have to infiltrate their base in the Silph Co. Building.

After navigating the building’s many floors and teleport pads and defeating Team Rocket’s boss, Giovanni, you’ll gain access to the city’s two gyms: the Psychic-type gym, led by Sabrina, and the Fighting-type gym, which is technically a Fighting Dojo.

Saffron City to Cinnabar Island

Next, it’s time to fly south to Cinnabar Island. Here, you’ll need to explore the Pokemon Mansion to find the key to Blaine’s Fire-type gym. This mansion is full of tricky puzzles and powerful wild Pokemon, so be prepared for a challenge.

Once you have the key, you can challenge Blaine for your seventh gym badge. Also, remember to revive your fossil Pokemon at the local research lab.

Cinnabar Island to Viridian City

Now, head back to Viridian City. With Giovanni, the Team Rocket boss, now absent, you can challenge the gym, which turns out to be a Ground-type gym led by Giovanni himself.

The Pokemon League

Finally, with all eight badges, you can take on the Pokemon League. This ultimate challenge features a gauntlet of five powerful trainers: the Elite Four and the Champion. You’ll need a diverse, powerful team and plenty of items to make it through. Remember to heal and save between battles, and give it everything you’ve got.


Completing the main storyline of Pokemon Infinite Fusion does not mean your journey is over. In fact, there are numerous post-game activities that can keep you engaged.

Legendary Hunting

Post-game is the perfect time to hunt for legendary Pokemon. These Pokemon, with their superior stats and powerful moves, can provide a significant boost to your team. Not to mention, fused legendary Pokemon can yield some truly formidable creatures.

Battle Tower

The Battle Tower offers a series of increasingly difficult battles with fantastic rewards, including rare items and powerful TMs. It’s a great place to test your team and improve your battle strategies.

Exploring Unvisited Areas

There are several areas in the game you might not have visited during the main storyline. These include islands, caves, and secret paths that contain rare Pokemon and valuable items. Post-game is the perfect time to explore these areas.

Breeding and Trading

With the game’s main challenges complete, you might want to try breeding Pokemon to create the perfect fusion creature or trading with other players to complete your Pokedex.


Many of the trainers, including the Gym Leaders and Elite Four, can be battled again with stronger teams in rematches. This offers a great opportunity to further train your Pokemon and test different team compositions and strategies.

Preparing for the Future

Pokemon Infinite Fusion has a passionate community of players who frequently develop and share new content, such as new Pokemon fusions and challenges. Keeping your team in top shape will ensure you’re ready for whatever new content arrives next.

And there we have it, a complete guide to Pokemon Infinite Fusion. This game offers a truly unique twist on the Pokemon formula, and we hope this guide will be helpful to you on your journey. Whether you’re battling Gym Leaders, fusing Pokemon, or exploring new areas, we wish you the best of luck. Keep exploring, keep battling, and above all, keep having fun in the world of Pokemon Infinite Fusion!

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough (2024)


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