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@article{Bennett2002HuygenssC, title={Huygens's clocks}, author={Matthew R. Bennett and Michael F. Schatz and Heidi M. Rockwood and Kurt Wiesenfeld}, journal={Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences}, year={2002}, volume={458}, pages={563 - 579}, url={https://api.semanticscholar.org/CorpusID:6482041}}
  • Matthew R. Bennett, M. Schatz, K. Wiesenfeld
  • Published in Proceedings of the Royal… 8 March 2002
  • Physics, Engineering, Mathematics
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

The 336–year–old synchronization observations of Christiaan Huygens are re–examined in modern experiments. A simple model of synchronization is proposed.

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428 Citations

Huygens synchronization of two clocks
    Henrique M. OliveiraLu'is V. Melo


    Scientific Reports

  • 2015

A model explaining the phase opposition synchronization of two pendulum clocks in those conditions is presented, and the predicted behaviour is observed experimentally, validating the model.

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Synchronized pendula: From Huygens’ clocks to chimera states
    T. KapitaniakJ. Kurths


  • 2014

This topical issue collects contribution exemplifying the recent scientific progress in understanding the dynamics of coupled pendula. The individual papers focus on different questions of present

  • 13
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Experimental Results on Huygens Synchronization
    Ward T. OudH. NijmeijerA. Pogromsky

    Physics, Engineering

  • 2006

Abstract The paper represents some experimental results on synchronization of two metronomes attached to a common support beam. The experiments demonstrate possible in-phase, anti-phase

  • 8
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Huygens (and others) revisited.
    K. WiesenfeldD. Borrero-Echeverry



  • 2011

We develop a generic iterative map model of coupled oscillators based on simple physical processes common to many such systems. The model allows us to understand, from a unified perspective, the

  • 15
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Huygens' odd Sympathy Experiment Revisited
    K. CzołczyńskiP. PerlikowskiA. StefańskiT. Kapitaniak


    Int. J. Bifurc. Chaos

  • 2011

It is shown that even the clocks with significantly different periods of oscillations can synchronize, but their periods are modified by the beam motion so they are no more accurate.

  • 47
  • PDF
Antiphase and in-phase synchronization of nonlinear oscillators: the Huygens's clocks system.
    R. Dilão



  • 2009

An interaction mechanism is applied to the coupling between two nonlinear oscillators with a limit cycle in phase space, leading to a simple justification of the antiphase synchronization as observed in Huygens's pendulum clocks experiment.

  • 65
Chaos in Coupled Clocks
    P. PerlikowskiM. KapitaniakK. CzołczyńskiA. StefańskiT. Kapitaniak


    Int. J. Bifurc. Chaos

  • 2012

Evidence is given that besides the complete and phase synchronizations, the considered system can exhibit long period synchronization and chaotic behavior and it is argued that the observed phenomena are robust.

  • 14
  • PDF
On the Problem of Synchronization of Identical Dynamical Systems: The Huygens's Clocks
    R. Dil


  • 2009

In 1665, Christiaan Huygens reported the observation of the synchro- nization of two pendulum clocks hanged on the wall of his workshop. After syn- chronization, the clocks swung exactly in the same

Violation of Bell's inequality in fluid mechanics
    R. BradyRoss J. Anderson


  • 2013

We show that a classical fluid mechanical system can violate Bell's inequality because the fluid motion is correlated over large distances.

On the Problem of Synchronization of Identical Dynamical Systems: The Huygens’s Clocks
    R. Dilão


  • 2009

In 1665, Christiaan Huygens reported the observation of the synchronization of two pendulum clocks hanged on the wall of his workshop. After synchronization, the clocks swung exactly in the same



19 References

Feedback control in ancient water and mechanical clocks
    A. LepschyG. MianU. Viaro

    Physics, History

  • 1992

Attention is focused on Ktesibios' water clock and the outstanding mechanical clocks based on the crown wheel escapement that first appeared in Europe at the end of the thirteenth century.

  • 52
Synchronization in science and technology
    I. Blekhman

    Physics, Chemistry

  • 1988

This book describes examples and applications of synchronization, and gives the problem a working mathematical formulation. It is intended for a wide range of specialists who may encounter nonlinear

  • 544
  • Highly Influential
Revolution in Time: Clocks and the Making of the Modern World by David S. Landes (review)
    O. Mayr


  • 1983

More than a decade after the publication of his dazzling book on the cultural, technological, and manufacturing aspects of measuring time and making clocks, David Landes has significantly expanded

  • 396
  • PDF
Instructions concerning the use of pendulum-watches, for finding the longitude at sea


    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society…

  • 1669

Whereas 'tis generally esteemed that there is no practise for the finding of the longitude at sea comparable to that of those watches, which instead of a ballance-wheele are regulated by a pendulum,

  • 24
  • PDF
Oeuvres complètes de Christiaan Huygens
    J. D.



  • 1901

THE monumental edition of Huygens' works has now reached its ninth volume, and at least one more will be required to complete his voluminous correspondence. When reviewing previous volumes we

  • 29
A new phase-shifterless beam-scanning technique using arrays of coupled oscillators
    P. LiaoR. York

    Engineering, Physics

  • 1993

A method for electronic beam scanning in linear arrays of antenna-coupled oscillators is introduced which eliminates the need for phase shifters. It is shown that a constant phase progression can be

  • 305
Perception's shadow: long-distance synchronization of human brain activity
    E. RodriguezN. GeorgeJ. LachauxJ. MartinerieB. RenaultF. Varela

    Psychology, Biology


  • 1999

It is shown for the first time, to the knowledge, that only face perception induces a long-distance pattern of synchronization, corresponding to the moment of perception itself and to the ensuing motor response.

  • 1,905
Symmetry in locomotor central pattern generators and animal gaits
    M. GolubitskyIan StewartP. BuonoJ. Collins



  • 1999

It is suggested that symmetry can be used to infer a plausible class of CPG network architectures from observed patterns of animal gaits, including a distinction between primary and secondary gait, the existence of a new primary gait called ‘jump’, and the occurrence of half-integer wave numbers in myriapod gaits.

  • 347
Journal under attack over controversial paper on GM food
    N. Loder

    Environmental Science, Medicine


  • 1999

LondonThe medical journal The Lancet has drawn criticism from Britain's Royal Society for publishing a paper on genetically modified potatoes by a controversial author.

  • 215
  • PDF
Unrolling time. Christiaan huygens and the mathematization of nature
    Geert Vanpaemel

    History, Mathematics

  • 1991
  • 36
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