NHL playoffs schedule 2024: Full bracket, dates, times, TV channels for every series | Sporting News Canada (2024)

Buckle up, folks. The best time of the hockey year is finally here — the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The 2024 edition of hockey's postseason is set to kick off with 16 teams eyeing Lord Stanley's Cup. There are plenty of intriguing storylines right off the bat in the first round, and there is certainly no shortage of star power.

Can the Golden Knights repeat as Stanley Cup champions? Is this the year Connor McDavid and the Oilers raise the Cup? Can the Rangers break the Presidents' Trophy curse?

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The Sporting News has the full schedule for every conference final series of the 2023 NHL playoffs.

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NHL playoffs schedule 2024

Stanley Cup Final

(A1) Florida Panthersvs.(P2) Edmonton Oilers

GameDateSiteTime (ET)TV Channel/Result
1Saturday, June 8at FloridaFINALPanthers 3,Oilers 0
2Monday, June 10at FloridaFINALPanthers 4,Oilers 1
3Thursday, June 13at EdmontonFINALPanthers 4, Oilers 3
4Saturday, June 15at EdmontonFINALOilers 8, Panthers 1
5Tuesday, June 18at FloridaFINALOilers 5, Panthers 3
6Friday, June 21at EdmontonFINALOilers 5,Panthers 1
7Monday, June 24at FloridaFINALPanthers 2,Oilers 1

Conference Finals

Eastern Conference:(M1) New York Rangers vs.(A1) Florida Panthers

GameDateSiteTime (ET)TV Channel/Result
1Wednesday, May 22at New YorkFINALPanthers 3, Rangers 0
2Friday, May 24at New YorkFINALRangers 2, Panthers 1 (OT)
3Sunday, May 26at FloridaFINALRangers 5, Panthers 4 (OT)
4Tuesday, May 28at FloridaFINALPanthers 3, Rangers 2 (OT)
5Thursday, May 30at New YorkFINALPanthers 3, Rangers 2
6Saturday, June 1at FloridaFINALPanthers 2, Rangers 1

Western Conference: (C1) Dallas Stars vs. (P2) Edmonton Oilers

GameDateSiteTime (ET)TV Channel/Result
1Thursday, May 23at DallasFINALOilers 3, Stars 2 (2 OT)
2Saturday, May 25at DallasFINALStars 3, Oilers 1
3Monday, May 27at EdmontonFINALStars 5, Oilers 3
4Wednesday, May 29at EdmontonFINALOilers 5, Stars 2
5Friday, May 31at DallasFINALOilers 3, Stars 1
6Sunday, June 2at EdmontonFINALOilers 2, Stars 1

Second Round

Eastern Conference: (A1) Florida Panthers vs. (A2) Boston Bruins

GameDateSiteTime (ET)TV Channel/Result
1Monday, May 6at FloridaFINALBruins 5,Panthers 1
2Wednesday, May 8at FloridaFINALPanthers 6, Bruins 1
3Friday, May 10at BostonFINALPanthers 6, Bruins 2
4Sunday, May 12at BostonFINALPanthers 3, Bruins 2
5Tuesday, May 14at FloridaFINALBruins 2, Panthers 1
6Friday, May 17at BostonFINALPanthers 2, Bruins 1

Eastern Conference: (M1) New York Rangers vs. (M2) Carolina Hurricanes

GameDateSiteTime (ET)TV Channel/Result
1Sunday, May 5at New YorkFINALRangers 4, Hurricanes 3
2Tuesday, May 7at New YorkFINALRangers 4, Hurricanes 3 (2 OT)
3Thursday, May 9at CarolinaFINALRangers 3, Hurricanes 2 (OT)
4Saturday, May 11at CarolinaFINALHurricanes 4, Rangers 3
5Monday, May 13at New YorkFINALHurricanes 4, Rangers 1
6Thursday, May 16at CarolinaFINALRangers 5, Hurricanes 3

Western Conference: (C1) Dallas Stars vs. (C3) Colorado Avalanche

GameDateSiteTime (ET)TV Channel/Result
1Tuesday, May 7at DallasFINALAvalanche 4, Stars 3 (OT)
2Thursday, May 9at DallasFINALStars 5, Avalanche 3
3Saturday, May 11at ColoradoFINALStars 4, Avalanche 1
4Monday, May 13at ColoradoFINALStars 5,Avalanche 1
5Wednesday, May 15at DallasFINALAvalanche 5,Stars 3
6Friday, May 17at ColoradoFINALStars 2, Avalanche 1 (2 OT)

Western Conference:(P1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (P2) Edmonton Oilers

GameDateSiteTime (ET)TV Channel/Result
1Wednesday, May 8at VancouverFINALCanucks 5, Oilers 4
2Friday, May 10at VancouverFINALOilers 4, Canucks 3 (OT)
3Sunday, May 12at EdmontonFINALCanucks 4,Oilers 3
4Tuesday, May 14at EdmontonFINALOilers 3, Canucks 2
5Thursday, May 16at VancouverFINALCanucks 3, Oilers 2
6Saturday, May 18at EdmontonFINALOilers 5, Canucks 1
7Monday, May 20at Vancouver9 p.m.ESPN,Fubo, SN, CBC, TVAS

First Round

Eastern Conference: (A1) Florida Panthers vs. (WC1) Tampa Bay Lightning — Panthers win 4-1

GameDateSiteTime (ET)Result
1Sunday, April 21at FloridaFINALPanthers 3,Lightning 2
2Tuesday, April 23at FloridaFINALPanthers 3,Lightning 2 (OT)
3Thursday, April 25at Tampa BayFINALPanthers 5, Lightning 3
4Saturday, April 27at Tampa BayFINALLightning 6, Panthers 3
5Monday, April 29at FloridaFINALPanthers 6, Lightning 1

Eastern Conference: (A2) Boston Bruinsvs. (A3) Toronto Maple Leafs— Bruins win 4-3

GameDateSiteTime (ET)TV Channel/Result
1Saturday, April 20at BostonFINALBruins 5, Maple Leafs 1
2Monday, April 22at BostonFINALMaple Leafs 3,Bruins 2
3Wednesday, April 24at TorontoFINALBruins 4,Maple Leafs 2
4Saturday, April 27at TorontoFINALBruins 3, Maple Leafs 1
5Tuesday, April 30at BostonFINALMaple Leafs 2, Bruins 1 (OT)
6Thursday, May 2at TorontoFINALMaple Leafs 2, Bruins 1
7Saturday, May 4at BostonFINALBruins 2, Maple Leafs 1 (OT)

Eastern Conference: (M1) New York Rangers vs. (WC2) Washington Capitals— Rangers win 4-0

GameDateSiteTime (ET)Result
1Sunday, April 21at New YorkFINALRangers 4,Capitals 1
2Tuesday, April 23at New YorkFINALRangers 4,Capitals 3
3Friday, April 26at WashingtonFINALRangers 3,Capitals 1
4Sunday, April 28at WashingtonFINALRangers 4,Capitals 2

Eastern Conference: (M2) Carolina Hurricanes vs. (M3) New York Islanders— Hurricaneswin 4-1

GameDateSiteTime (ET)TV Channel/Result
1Saturday, April 20at CarolinaFINALHurricanes 3, Islanders 1
2Monday, April 22at CarolinaFINALHurricanes 5,Islanders 3
3Thursday, April 25at New YorkFINALHurricanes 3,Islanders 2
4Saturday, April 27at New YorkFINALIslanders 3,Hurricanes 2 (2OT)
5Tuesday, April 30at CarolinaFINALHurricanes 6, Islanders 3

Western Conference: (C1) Dallas Stars vs. (WC2)Vegas Golden Knights — Stars win 4-3

GameDateSiteTime (ET)TV Channel
1Monday, April 22at DallasFINALGolden Knights 4, Stars 3
2Wednesday, April 24at DallasFINALGolden Knights 3,Stars 1
3Saturday, April 27at VegasFINALStars 3, Golden Knights 2 (OT)
4Monday, April 29at VegasFINALStars 4, Golden Knights 2
5Wednesday, May 1at DallasFINALStars 3, Golden Knights 2
6Friday, May 3at VegasFINALGolden Knights 2, Stars 0

Western Conference: (C2) Winnipeg Jetsvs. (C3) Colorado Avalanche — Avalanche win 4-1

GameDateSiteTime (ET)TV Channel/Result
1Sunday, April 21at WinnipegFINALJets 7,Avalanche 6
2Tuesday, April 23at WinnipegFINALAvalanche 5,Jets 2
3Friday, April 26at ColoradoFINALAvalanche 6,Jets 2
4Sunday, April 28at ColoradoFINALAvalanche 5,Jets 1
5Tuesday, April 30at WinnipegFINALAvalanche 6,Jets 3

Western Conference: (P1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (WC1) Nashville Predators — Canucks win 4-2

GameDateSiteTime (ET)TV Channel/Result
1Sunday, April 21at VancouverFINALCanucks 4,Predators 2
2Tuesday, April 23at VancouverFINALPredators 4, Canucks 1
3Friday, April 26at NashvilleFINALCanucks 2,Predators 1
4Sunday, April 28at NashvilleFINALCanucks 4,Predators 3 (OT)
5Tuesday, April 30at VancouverFINALPredators 2,Canucks 1
6Friday, May 3at NashvilleFINALCanucks 1, Predators 0

Western Conference: (P2) Edmonton Oilers vs. (P3)Los Angeles Kings — Oilers win 4-1

GameDateSiteTime (ET)TV Channel/Result
1Monday, April 22at EdmontonFINALOilers 7,Kings 4
2Wednesday, April 24at EdmontonFINALKings 5,Oilers 4 (OT)
3Friday, April 26at Los AngelesFINALOilers 6,Kings 1
4Sunday, April 28at Los AngelesFINALOilers 1,Kings 0
5Wednesday, May 1at EdmontonFINALOilers 4,Kings 3

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NHL playoffs bracket 2024

NHL playoffs schedule 2024: Full bracket, dates, times, TV channels for every series | Sporting News Canada (2)

(Sporting News Illustration)

What channel is the 2024 NHL playoffs on?

  • TV channel (U.S.): ESPN, ABC, TNT, TBS
  • TV channel (Canada): Sportsnet, CBC

The NHL playoffs will be split in the United States between the ESPN family of networks and the Turner networks. The two media corporations are in the third year of their seven-year contracts with the league.

In the first round, Saturday night games will air on ABC. Other first-round contests may air on ESPN and TNT's other channels, such as ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNews, TBS, or TruTV.

ESPN and TNT are splitting the second-round series, as well as the conference final. Since TNT aired the Stanley Cup Final last year, it's back to ESPN in 2024.

In Canada, all the playoff games will be aired on Sportsnet and CBC.

How to stream the 2024 NHL playoffs

  • Live stream (U.S.): ESPN+, SlingTV, Fubo
  • Live stream (Canada): SN NOW, CBC Gem

Fans in the United States looking to stream the NHL playoffs have options. Games on ESPN's platforms can be streamed through ESPN+ or through Fubo, while those on TNT can be streamed through the TNT app and SlingTV.

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For the Canadian audience, games on Sportsnet are available to stream on SN NOW. Any contests on CBC can be streamed through CBC Gem.

How many rounds are in the NHL playoffs?

There are four rounds in the Stanley Cup playoffs— first round, second round, conference finals, and finals.

In the first round, the top team in the conference plays the second wild-card team. The other division winner takes on the other wild-card team. The No. 2 team from a division plays the No. 3 team from the same division.

After that, the teams do not get reseeded in the second round. Rather, the series winner with the No. 2 and No. 3 teams for a division plays the winner of the series, and their division winner plays the wild card team.

For example, for this postseason, let's say the Bruins, Maple Leafs, and Lightning place first through third in the Atlantic in that order. The winner of the Bruins' first-round series against the wild-card team faces the winner of the Maple Leafs-Lightning matchup.

Then, the last two teams in each conference square off in the conference finals. Each conference winner then gets to fight for the Stanley Cup in the finals.

How many games are in a series?

Every series, no matter the round, will play a best-of-seven series, meaning the first team to win four games advances to the next round.

Each series is played in a 2–2–1–1–1 format, which means the team with the better record plays Games 1, 2, 5, and 7 at its home arena, while its opponent hosts Games 3, 4, and 6. Only the first four games in the series are guaranteed, with Games 5, 6, and 7 played if necessary.

NHL playoffs schedule 2024: Full bracket, dates, times, TV channels for every series | Sporting News Canada (2024)


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