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Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan-made game that you can play and download by clicking here.

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Assuming you already know about it and want to find out how to start playing this guide is perfect for you.

For this post, we will provide a comprehensive Pokemon Infinite Fusion Beginner’s Guide.

The hard part is usually downloading and installing the game. While playing the game isn’t so much of a challenge, you may need some guidance when it comes to getting started.

Here is everything you need to understand the intricacies of Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

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Table of Contents

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Beginner’s Guide

What Is Pokemon Infinite Fusion All About?

The story itself is the same as the Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen games. Instead of using a GBA emulator, you can just play the game right away when used on a PC.

One of the main gimmicks of the game is that you can combine 2 different Pokemon together forming one unique Pokemon.

You can also separate the fused Pokemon anytime you want as long as you have the DNA Splicers.

That being said, the game overall is your typical Pokemon game, with an exciting Pokemon fusion mechanic.

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Pokemon Infinite Fusion: Choosing Your Game Mode

The game makes you choose from 4 different game modes. You cannot change these modes when you play the game so take into consideration the differences between each mode:

Classic Mode

  • This mode simply has you use the basic Gen 1 Pokemon or other early Generation Pokemon such as Gen 2 to 3. They’ll appear in the same spots as they do in the FireRed and LeafGreen games.

Modern Mode

  • Modern Mode has different Pokemon popping up in different but specific areas. These Pokemon aren’t the typical Gen 1 to 3 Pokemon.
    They usually spawn later Generation Pokemon but they are fixed. If a Pokemon appears on Route 3 or Route 24, then it is fixed for Modern Mode but different from Classic Mode.
  • Trainer battles are also altered with the enemy Trainers having different Pokemon in their team.
  • Gym Leaders and Elite Four battles are also changed. Established characters will have different Pokemon and Type specialties. Like Brock, instead of having Rock-types will have Steel-types on Modern Mode.

Randomized Mode

  • Randomized Mode allows you to randomize certain parts of the game but not all if you didn’t want to.
  • You can Randomize Starters, Pokemon Encounters, Trainers, Gym Leaders, Items, and so much more.

Special Mode

  • Special Mode only lets you encounter Fused Pokemon in the Wild. While you can encounter Fused Pokemon in the other modes, in Special Mode, all Pokemon encounters are fused.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion: Choosing Game Difficulty

Getting Started In Pokemon Infinite Fusion Beginner’s Guide | PokemonCoders (4)

You can choose from three difficulties Easy, Normal, and Hard. You cannot change the difficulty settings once you’ve started.

Easy Difficulty

  • All Pokemon in the party gains EXP even if they weren’t used in battle.
  • Poison doesn’t kill the Poisoned Pokemon on the world map.

Normal Difficulty

  • Poison does hurt Pokemon on the world map.
  • Specific Trainers can use Items.
  • The next Pokemon that the enemy Trainer will use will be announced to the Player.

Hard Difficulty

  • All Enemy Trainers have higher Levels.
  • All Enemy Trainers can use Items.
  • Next Pokemon used by the enemy Trainer will not be announced.

Playing Infinite Fusion Like FireRed or LeafGreen

Getting Started In Pokemon Infinite Fusion Beginner’s Guide | PokemonCoders (5)

We already mentioned that Pokemon Infinite Fusion is based on FireRed or LeafGreen. Everything from the story to the gameplay is the same.

The locations are still the same from Pewter City to Mt. Moon and so on. The gameplay is updated though with more Pokemon, updated Types, updated moves, and more.

If you choose to play Classic Mode, it is very much FireRed or LeafGreen. The point is, after you’re done with the game modes and difficulty settings, you’re good to go.

The Fusion Mechanic

The Fusion mechanic is what really adds flavor to this fan-made game. You’re playing FireRed or LeafGreen but with the Fusion mechanic. To give you a slight summary,

Fusing can be done with 2 Pokemon. The results can be one of two since you have to decide which one has to be the head and which one has to be the body.

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Fusing can be done with the use of a DNA Splicer which can be bought from any Poke Mart from any location.

DNA Splicers are available anywhere, from the first Poke Mart Viridian City to Cinnabar Island’s Poke Mart.

You can use the same DNA Splicer to separate the two fused Pokemon.

You can also encounter a Fused Pokemon from time to time unless you’re playing on Special Mode where it has all Fused Pokemon as encounters.

Fused Pokemon will have mixed-type moves. For example, fusing a Water and Rock-type will allow you to give that Pokemon Water and Rock-type moves, as well as others.

If you separate the Fused Pokemon, they will have their moves and original types. The levels may vary since you may separate them after some time they gained levels.

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Pokemon Infinite Fusion: Tips and Strategies

Difficulty Isn’t an Issue

If you read our difficulty overview above, choosing one over the other doesn’t really affect the overall gameplay.

For starters, it is highly recommended to pick Easy mode to make things less challenging.

It’s sort of like a time saver with the active EXP share for the team. This allows you to build up a team much faster with the game being the same.

Choosing Normal is also fine since it’s the common setting for you to experience.

Playing Hard is just giving yourself a challenge. That’s because none of these difficulties affect EVs and IVs, so choosing one is fine if you want to make it easier for yourself or just want to punish yourself.

Explore or Look at the Official Site

When you have the time, try to run around and see what Pokemon spawns.

Depending on the Mode, the Wild Pokemon encounters are different.

There could be a specific Pokemon in this area in Classic Mode but it is different for Modern Mode.

You also have to take into consideration that different Wild Pokemon spawns depending on the time of the day.

If you really want to find out more, checking the official website isn’t a bad idea. They have all the Pokemon spawn lists for the different areas for the Mode and time of day as well as the encounter chance rate.

Plus, Fused Pokemon also appear by chance unless it’s Special Mode, so there’s that too.

Save Before You Do Something

Since this isn’t a ROM hack, you may not be able to use save states. Saving is key if you want to do something and not lose any progress or lose an item that you don’t want to lose or use just yet.

There are some interesting turns and twists in this game so save often.

Plus, you have the option to use multiple save slots, so save in one slot in a specific area, and save in a different slot for your main game progression.

Experiment With Fusing Pokemon

One of the issues with Fusing Pokemon is money. Money isn’t infinite as the title of this game is, so you need to buy a lot of DNA Splicers.

The good thing is that you can do the save suggestion above. Save the game before you experiment with Fusing two Pokemon.

Even if you don’t like the Fusion, just separate them. This does cost you a lot of money, so save first, buy a lot of DNA splicers, and experiment to your heart’s content.

List down the Fusions you want, reload the game, buy the exact amount of DNA Splicers, and you’ve saved money in the process.

Having Trouble With Launching the Game?

Launching Pokemon Infinite Fusion can be a challenge for some people, especially on Android. For PC, it isn’t that hard especially if you have a powerful unit.

Just launch the Pokemon Infinite Fusion game since it is an executable file. For Android, the complete guide is above but you can still Click here.

Just be patient with the launch especially if you have an older device. The sheer number of files in your Infinite Fusion folder may cause the game to launch slowly or laggy depending on your device.

It is usually harder on Android, so better to get a more powerful device.

In Closing

Hopefully, this Pokemon Infinite Fusion Beginner’s Guide has helped you to get started.

This is just a general introduction but we have other content for a more in-depth look at fusing Pokemon and other potential game mechanics.

At the end of the day, you can play Infinite Fusion your way. You don’t need to worry about making bad fusions since you can save ahead of time and load the file again if you don’t like the results.

That’s the other thing, the game allows you to have multiple save files.

Getting Started In Pokemon Infinite Fusion Beginner’s Guide | PokemonCoders (2024)


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