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The men's watch is the most classic men's accessory – and the most innovative. Men's wristwatches combine stylish chic with technical finesse and modern features with timeless elegance.

Men’s watches are the fashionable must-have on men’s wrist. At the same time, a men's wristwatch often satisfies the male passion for sophisticated technical functions.

Our large selection of models includes all types of watches: robust quartz watches or smartwatches for everyday use and sports as well as high-quality automatic watches or chronographs for work and special occasions. When you buy a men's watch from uhrcenter, you can expect lots of practical tips, great services such as our free bracelet adjustment and always the latest trends and most popular top brands.

Sporty and distinctive, classic or charmingly retro: watch trends for men 2024

The current trends in men's wristwatches are diverse. Modern sports watches and smartwatches are particularly in demand. The innovative multifunctional watches perfectly accompany a conscious lifestyle. Similarly popular: classically elegant timepieces and retro wristwatches. Nostalgic chronographs, pilot's watches or hip retro digital watches are especially wanted. Minimalist men's watches are also en vogue at the moment. The Junghans max bill watches show puristic beauty in perfection. The legendary Bauhaus design of the men's quartz watches and men's automatic watches still sets standards.

Men's watches – suitable for every occasion

Only the right men's watch rounds off every outfit. Dress codes are no longer so rigid. That gives more space to creativity. Fashionable men usually have more than one men's wristwatch in order to be able to vary.

At uhrcenter you will find a fascinatingly large selection of brands and models: wristwatches from eye-catching to restrained and from trendy to timeless.

Our range includes sports watches from water resistant diving watches to durable outdoor chronographs to multisport smartwatches. Look forward to elegant timepieces of various designs – whether a men's watch in black with a leather strap and unobtrusive dial or a men's watch in silver with a case and mesh bracelet made of stainless steel.

Which bracelet fits which case?

In addition to the movement and dial design, men's watches primarily differ in terms of their bracelet and case. The proportion between the watch case and the wrist should be balanced.

Whether you choose a stainless steel bracelet or a leather strap for a stainless steel case is particularly a matter of taste. In general, stainless steel bracelets are more robust and heavier, leather bands are lighter and more supple. When worn for a long time, leather often proves to be more comfortable. Stainless steel has a cooling effect in summer. A leather strap should always harmonize in colour with shoes and belt.

If you tell us your wrist size, we will be happy to adjust your metal bracelet for you for free.

Wristwatches for men – the right watch for every purpose

Buying men's watches is a question of individual style and purpose. Water resistance and shock resistance are essential features of your men's watch if you are often outdoors for work or sport. Water resistant outdoor and sports watches from Casio, Garmin, KHS, Luminox or traser are just as weather-proof as they are robust.

For an office job, you will certainly want an elegant men's watch. Wristwatches from Junghans, Sternglas or the Swiss watches from Tissot are ideal business watches.

Vostok Europe chronographs or men's diving watches from the Seiko Prospex or Tissot Seastar collection combine dynamism and elegance. Citizen Eco-Drive men's solar watches also convince with environmentally friendly solar technology.

Top brands in the uhrcenter shop: Casio, Citizen, Garmin, Junghans, Seiko, Tissot & Co.

Whatever you want to use your men's watch for: you will find men's watches of every shape and function in our large selection of world-famous top watch brands. Whether exclusive Swiss-made watches, excellent wristwatches Made in Germany or brand watches from Japan: we offer you the full range of international quality watches. Among many other brands, you can expect Casio watches, Citizen watches, Garmin watches, Seiko watches and Tissot watches. Our range includes watch models from sporty and cool to classically chic – and from trend labels such as Calvin Klein, Maserati or Swatch to traditional companies such as Junghans, Mido or Victorinox.

These watch types are available from uhrcenter

Men want to buy men's watches that combine attractiveness with functionality. Timepieces offering a perfect mix of practical use and aesthetic pleasure are available on uhrcenter in a wide range of designs and from a large variety of brands. We introduce you to the most popular types of watches. Find out everything you need to know about chronographs, automatic watches, digital watches, radio-controlled watches and multifunctional watches. With us, men of all types will find the right watch: for which type of men's watch are you the man?

Chronographs – versatile classics of sporty elegance

The chronograph is truly a wristwatch classic. If you want to buy a men's watch that combines sportiness and elegance, men's chronographs open up a huge selection of designs. A chronograph is as timeless as it is distinctive, modern and functional.

What all chronographs have in common is the characteristic stopwatch function. The chronograph should not be confused with the chronometer, a watch with a particularly precise movement and a highly precise time display.

Many chronographs are beautiful retro watches. Impressive examples are Zeppelin watches or Vostok Europe watches, but also pilot’s watches from Messerschmitt and Iron Annie. Some chronograph models have a date display, tachymeter, worldwide radio signal reception or solar drive. So, many an exclusive aviator watch is also an efficient solar radio-controlled watch.

Automatic watches – reliable and precise without a battery

Watch lovers swear by automatic watches. If you want to buy a first-class men's watch, an automatic watch is the right choice. Automatic watches are mechanical men's watches that draw their energy from the wrist movements of the wearer. Every movement of the arm causes a rotor to vibrate, which winds the mainspring and drives the movement. Automatic wristwatches are also known as self-winding watches or watches with automatic winding.

In contrast to a quartz watch, an automatic watch works without a battery. The self-winding mechanism causes automatic men's watches to run particularly smoothly and reliably. If an automatic watch is not moved, its power reserve ensures that it continues to run.

The fascination of automatic watches: materials and functions

Their unique elegance and technical perfection make automatic watches so appealing. Brands such as Junghans, Mido, Seiko, Tissot or Vostok Europe give watch gourmets a view of the mechanical movement of automatic models with a glass case back.

High-quality materials such as ceramic, titanium or fine leather straps underline the exclusivity, durability and quality of many automatic watches. Features and functions also impress.

In addition to the stopwatch function, automatic chronographs often have additional displays for the date, day of the week and power reserve.

Automatic diving watches are water resistant up to 30 bar and impress with protected crowns, luminescent hands and markers as well as rotating bezels with a minute scale.

Digital watches for men

Men's digital watches offer everything a modern man's heart desires. If you want to buy sporty, extremely stylish men's watches, you will find a large selection of cool designs with the digital quartz watches from Casio: from the ultra-tough models of the Casio G-Shock collection to the nerdy, nostalgic Casio Vintage watches.

With the increasing popularity of the digital watch in the 80s, the worldwide fan base of the versatile digital watches from Casio also grew. Due to their practical functions, the digital wristwatches and quartz watches were sought-after highlights even back then.

Digital wristwatch: display with numbers & analogue/digital display

A digital watch shows the time using digits on a display, while analogue watches show the time with hands on a dial. In addition to men's wristwatches with purely analogue or digital displays, there are also watch models with analogue/digital displays.

Useful features such as multi-alarms, calendar functions or integrated calculators transformed some digital watches and digital quartz watches already in the 80s into objects of longing for every technology freak. The appeal of digital wristwatches is unbroken – especially since digital wristwatches for example from the Casio Collection are extremely affordable. For anyone looking to buy a cheap men's watch, a chic digital quartz watch is an excellent option.

Radio-controlled watches: accuracy in perfection

The most outstanding feature of radio-controlled men's watches is their unsurpassable accuracy. A radio-controlled quartz watch makes manual readjustment superfluous. Switching from summer to winter time will also be history with your men's radio-controlled watch. Radio-controlled wristwatches automatically receive the exact time: time signal transmitters supply radio-controlled watches with the correct time signal every day.

Radio-controlled men's wristwatches with a world time function can process signals from different time zones. The excellent multi-frequency radio-controlled watches from, for example, Citizen and Junghans are particularly appreciated by globetrotters. A solar-powered radio-controlled watch is particularly resource-friendly.

Multifunctional watches & smartwatches: stop function, GPS, heart rate measurement – and much more

Men's multifunctional watches offer a wide range of special functions. Men's chronographs impress with their stopwatch function and displays for the date, day and 24 hours.

Outdoor and training watches are often equipped with GPS or an additional compass. So, for example, they provide hikers, runners or cyclists with data on routes, elevation profiles or distances.

If you want to buy a men's watch that impresses with its particularly precise navigation, an advanced GPS smartwatch is recommended.

Such models combine health and fitness tracking for sleep, steps, heart rate or calories with apps for training planning and smart functions such as Bluetooth, music streaming, notifications and contactless payment.

Care tips for your new dream watch

Men's watches are often true works of art. You should therefore treat your high-quality men's watches very carefully.

Protect the bracelets and cases of exclusive automatic watches, men's radio-controlled watches or chronographs against shocks, extreme temperatures, humidity, dirt and all contact with cosmetics. Wear only water-proof men's wristwatches when swimming. Never store analogue quartz watches near magnetic fields and remove their battery if they are not going to be used for a long period of time.

Only clean your men's watch with a soft cloth to avoid scratches. For reasons of hygiene and wear and tear, you should occasionally change the leather strap on your men's watch. Bring your men's wristwatches for inspection approximately every seven years to have them thoroughly cleaned, oiled and checked.

Buy Men's Watches | Latest watch collections for gents • uhrcenter (2024)


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